December 13, 2007
The Immigration Situation

We're living in a police state

Some incredible abuse of undocumented immigrants is happening right here in Raleigh. And not enough people are noticing. There have been some nice articles in the N&O about workplace raids in NC (Good job, Good Life, All Gone, N&O 3/20/07), children being left stranded (Crackdown separates Mom, Kids, N&O 9/2/07)), conflict with local police doing federal enforcer job (Jail ID program stirs fear', N&O 11/9/07). Still, I have stories from Wake County. The more you hear, the worse you see things are getting.

One of our NC NOW conference panels in Oct 07 was on Immigration Raids. The director of an Hispanic Center was one of 5 panelists on this topic. I will include just a few of the cases she mentioned.

A trailer park was raided at 3 a.m in September 2007. A priest called the director to help the families after the raid. The victims told her that Immigration came banging on doors and entering through windows. They had no warrants. Woke up whole families. They went through whole trailers. Apparently immigration couldn't find anything to use to arrest these people. On leaving, the uniforms forced family members (victims) to sign papers that waived all of their rights. These men had guns. They had invaded these houses in the middle of the night. What choice did the families have?

An Indian man has lived her for 10 years. He was robbed, so he called the police. Now he is in jail. He had overstayed his visa. The robber or robbers are still at large. Per the new Wake County situation, he may be deported.

A husband went to court to pay a ticket. He never returned home. He was detained, leaving his pregnant wife on her own. He was not allowed to call her or anything. He just vanished.

A 15-year-old child was beaten and bitten by other teenagers. She was afraid to call the police about the abuse.

These are happening here and now, and in Wake County.

I have to believe that if people understood what was happening, they would understand why this situation is unacceptable - for undocumented immigrants, and for citizens alike.

-Gailya Paliga
President, Raleigh NOW

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