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logo.gifNOW's purpose is to take action to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society now, exercising all privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men. This purpose includes, but is not limited to, equal rights and responsibilities in all aspects of citizenship, public service, employment, education, and family life, and it includes freedom from discrimination because of race, ethnic origin, age, marital status, sexual preference/orientation, or parenthood.

Your Chapter meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at the UUFR on Wade Avenue in Raleigh.

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December 03, 2013
Support NOW on Giving Tuesday!

Today is Giving Tuesday and it's all about celebrating nonprofits and the things we do together to change the world.

The NC National Organization wants to continue and expand our coverage of bills
and good and bad changes for women and families in North Carolina, and what you can do to impact the current regressive policies. Our weekly legislative
updates may have amazed and frightened you during the legislative session - the
timely updates were covering some shocking behavior with the lawmakers and our governor. We were a consistent presence at the Moral Mondays in Raleigh, with female and male members from around the state (and that big magenta uterus which came on an NC NOW bus from Charlotte). NC NOW was involved in the planning of a few of the Moral Mondays, after recognizing early that public outcry was needed. We continue to keep you updates via emails, newsletters and facebook updates (find us at NC-NOW-National-Organization-for-Women).

But we need your help. Our work is supported by people like you - as members or
supporters. Help us continue to keep you up on what is happening in North Carolina, and what you can do about it.

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October 14, 2013
CLEAN HOUSE AT DHHS! Protest at McCookie's McMansion!

CLEAN HOUSE AT DHHS!! Progress NC is organizing a Halloween March on the scariest place in NC right now: the soon to be spiffed up Governor's Mansion. If you want to protest with your peers, go to the Governor's Mansion in Raleigh on Oct 30, 2013. Be there by 5:15 if you can. The theme is cleaning up the Governor's act. Go to Progress North Carolina's facebook page and find the new event for more info.

Note: wording from Progress NC. NC NOW president helped motivate the new protest! This is a wonderful opportunity to show our OUTRAGE, and the HYPOCRISY of this administration.

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DHHS/McCookie Pattern: Do right thing only after being shamed!

If you are not appalled at NC's Dept of Health and Human Services, as well as our NC lawmakers and Governor McCookies decisions to refuse to expand Medicaid, you are not paying attention.

NC was the only state in the US to cut off WIC - the program for infants and new mothers. After being shamed locally and nationally, they found some money to continue the program. AFTER BEING SHAMED!


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September 24, 2013
Fighting Back NOW - Sat, Oct 19, 9-4

The 2013 NC NOW State Conference, "Fighting Back NOW", is Saturday, Oct 19, 9-4, in Fayetteville. Registration begins at 8:30am.

We have a great program set up - a panel on legislative fall out and workshops and more on what we can do about it.

Our keynote speaker is Katy Munger, the Director of Traditional and On-Line Outreach at media-savvy Progress North Carolina (PNC) and its affiliate North Carolina Action. Munger will speak on ways to define our issues, broaden our support, energize our base, and reach out to women and men not yet paying attention.

Please join us! Download Call to Conference file by clicking here.

Or email president@raleighnow.org for the conference registration form (call to conference form).

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September 10, 2013
More upcoming events

Tues, Sept 10, 7pm - Raleigh NOW meeting - topics - how to push for change and what changes can be made - ideas getting McCrory to expand medicaid (Kentucky did it with an executive order). Expanding Medicaid is something NC could still do and would bring tons of money, jobs and health insurance coverage to NC. What can we do to help teachers. The NC Justice Center had a slide illustrating what the $525 million in tax cuts could buy us, including a 1% raise for not just teachers, but for all state employees and a bunch of other things. How best to share that? How to bring more attention to women's clinics I have a fun protest in mind. Let's get people to vote in the small election. We have lots more say in a small one. Meet at 2912 Highwoods Blvd, in the back.

Friday, Sept 13, 2013 - Get Updated Conference Call, 9:30am-10:15am. NC Women Matter's "Get Updated" series, highlighting issues of importance to women. The September 13 call will feature Adam Linker of the NC Justice Center discussing the complexities and provisions of the Affordable Care Act, which will start its enrollment process on October 01. There is a lot of confusion around this complex policy; join the conference call to get your questions answered. More info at http://ncwomenmatter.org/2013/09/03/join-us-on-sept-13-get-updated-on-the-aca/

Sept 18-19, 2013 Attend a training on writing letters. Read about it at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/7971576199/. You must register to attend.

Sat, Oct 19 - Get energized at the NC NOW State Conference. The theme is Fighting Back NOW! The conference is in Fayetteville. Join us Friday night if you can, or come for the day on Saturday.

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