August 12, 2013
McCrory shows immaturity, N&O, 7/31/13

I had believed that Gov. Pat McCrory was a mature adult who could make educated decisions, that he would read and discuss bills put before him and consider their effects on real people’s lives. I also believed that he would consult with experts on both sides.However, McCrory has shown his true colors.

Planned Parenthood organized two days of vigil across from the mansion to get his attention. A mature leader would have invited the leaders to a meeting and listened to their concerns about abortion legislation. The protesters included some of the state’s best minds on how this bill could hurt women. The two sides might not have agreed, but the governor would have real information to consider before making such important decisions.

That is not what happened. His immaturity and ego became clear with two major insults. After he signed the abortion restrictions into law on July 29, he waved at the 30 to 40 protesters from his balcony. Then, just after 1 p.m. on July 30, he and his bodyguards brought a tray of cookies to us.

We returned those cookies with a note “Gov. McCrory. Will take health care, not cookies.”

What a disappointment.

Gailya Paliga
President, N.C. National Organization for Women

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