March 07, 2012
Flush Rush's appalling attack and more articles

Here are some interesting articles. The first set are from looking up war on women (not trying to be partisan at all, but these attacks are clearly being initiated from somewhere!).

1. Subject Rush Limbaugh, AOL Part Ways
WASHINGTON -- AOL, the parent company of The Huffington Post, has become the eighth advertiser to pull its money from Rush Limbaugh's syndicated radio program since he called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, who spoke out in favor of contraception coverage, a "slut" and a "prostitute" last week, according to a high-level Huffington Post source ..

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2. Top 10 Shocking Attacks from the GOP's War on Women!
This is from Gotta read it to believe it!

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3. The Republican party declares war on women, from the UK Guardian!
Subtitle: The more Republican candidates pitch for social conservative votes, the more we see the misogyny of America's religious right

Republicans and their Tea Party shock troops say they want to "take America back". Progressives think they mean back to the 1950s, back to when men were men, women were ladies, and black folks only got into the White House by the back door. But Republicans are thinking big: they actually want to take us back to the Middle Ages, back to the "good old days" of sexual repression, regulation and punishment.

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