May 03, 2013
Past events - recent 2013

Wed, May 1, 3-8pm—May Day Call to Action—raising the people’s agenda – working people, unemployed people, people of color, immigrants, students, LGBTQ people, women, young and old, everybody all together now.

Tuesday, Apr 9, 9-1, Women's Advocacy Day with NC Women United (of which NC NOW is a part) Keynote speaker Kim Gandy is my heroine! She is currently president and CEO of NNEDV, and past president of our own national NOW!

Monday, April 8, 6-8, Reception with Kim Gandy and other leaders, including Jina Dhillon (president of NCWU), Beth Froehling (NCCADV) and Monika Hostiler (NCCASA). Excellent!

Wednesday, Mar 20, noon to 1pm, at Halifax Mall - Not In Her Shoes Rally The message is for politicians to stay out of a woman's private business. Collected shoes and lined the sidewalks with them. Great speakers, especially Rep. Alma Adams. Another excellent event, many women's groups worked together on this (with the leadership of Planned Parenthood).

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