January 15, 2009
Upcoming events Winter 09

Monday, Jan 19, 2009 at 10:40am
Please join Raleigh NOW for the MLK march. We'll march together with NOW signs (and/or our big banner), as we do every year. We'll meet on the Edenton St. side of the Raleigh Capital, and join the marchers from there. March begins at 11am. Please bring kids if you would like. We'll have some kids with us. In addition, a teen group from PP is coming. Read about Raleigh's MLK celebration (which includes much more than just the MLK march) at www.king-raleigh.org/welcome.cfm and http://www.king-raleigh.org/events/body.cfm

Thursday, Jan 22, from 12-1pm
Also, please come to the Roe rally in Raleigh on Thursday, Jan 22, from 12-1pm. Contact president@raleighnow.org for details.

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