September 07, 2012
Fight Like It's 1969! State Conference!

Please join us at NC NOW's state conference in Charlotte on Saturday, Oct 6, 2012. Our theme is "Fight Like It's 1969! Equality and Rights for ALL NC Women NOW!"

You can access the call to conference, which was included in the NC NOW newsletter that was mailed out in August, 2012. This version includes an option on the Call to Conference page to register and join NOW.

We plan to do a panel on women in the morning and the workshops in the afternoon. Between the panel and our keynote address, we'll get everyone nice and fired up! The keynote address topic is "They say, 'Divide and Conquer,' We say, 'Unite and Mobilize!': Ending the Economic War on Women (and All of Us in the 99%)." The keynote speaker is MaryBe McMillan, a dynamic speaker who is the secretary/treasurer of the AFLCIO-NC.

People have an option to advertise in our conference program too.

Please email if you have any questions.

Download the call to conference file at the following link and print, fill in and mail!
Download file

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