October 14, 2013
CLEAN HOUSE AT DHHS! Protest at McCookie's McMansion!

CLEAN HOUSE AT DHHS!! Progress NC is organizing a Halloween March on the scariest place in NC right now: the soon to be spiffed up Governor's Mansion. If you want to protest with your peers, go to the Governor's Mansion in Raleigh on Oct 30, 2013. Be there by 5:15 if you can. The theme is cleaning up the Governor's act. Go to Progress North Carolina's facebook page and find the new event for more info.

Note: wording from Progress NC. NC NOW president helped motivate the new protest! This is a wonderful opportunity to show our OUTRAGE, and the HYPOCRISY of this administration.

People should come dressed as plumbers, chimney sweeps, maids (heck, crack out the French maid costumes), janitors, 50's-era Moms, whatever floats your boat. Bring a plunger if you like, but you could also bring mops, brooms. dusters, vacuums, the dog who eats food off the floor... just join us!

It'll be a blast and we'll be making a very serious point: before NC considers renovating or upgrading any building, they need to clean house at our disastrous Department of Health and Human Services, home to costly political cronies and overpriced consultants... not to mention policies that deny people healthcare coverage and food stamps and are causing tens of thousands of North Carolinians to go hungry. Join us on October 30th!

Posted by Admin at October 14, 2013 11:25 PM